Thursday, November 15, 2012

Experiencing Change

It would appear that the baby and I are not the only ones experiencing change in our household. Darin has been going through some changes of his own. It's a family affair. We kind of have this unity thing going on in our family. When something happens to one, it happens to both. He's so sweet to follow along.

Within the last 2 weeks, this has happened twice. Pobrecito. He's becoming a little spacey too!



Besides turning into the most forgetful person on the planet, this probably the biggest change that I am experiencing:
(along with a tad bit of back pain and trouble sleeping, but I'm told that's normal...)

18 weeks

24 Weeks

26 Weeks

28 Weeks
Our little boy is an active one. He's started distracting me during class as I watch my belly randomly move. It can be a twinge annoying when he does his work outs at 6am and wakes me up (I always grab Darin's hand and make him feel it too... unity, remember? If one wakes up, why not both?). In reality, I really love it. I love feeling him move around in me. I have a baby growing inside of me! What a miracle. 

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  1. The double fork and spoon thing made me laugh. I tend to do things like this on a daily basis and am just glad that I'm not the only one.
    You are truly rocking the pregnancy look. I'm honestly so excited for you guys and for your little family.