Thursday, February 4, 2016

Science Centers

A few weeks ago we finally went and got a Science Center pass. It seems to be THE thing to do in the winter with kids here. The winter has been pretty mild thus far so we've still been trying to get outside as much as possible, but the past few weeks have gotten quite cold, so we decided it was time to get out of the house and do something fun.

We've passed the Science Center ever since we lived here because it is on a main road. Shae has always asked to go to "that park" (it kind of looks like a cool park outside of it). We always say we don't have money. He got in the habit of looking it at and saying, "I want to go to that park. Oh no, we have no money." So when we told him we were going he said, "Now we have money!"

It was a pretty fun place. I grew up going to the Baltimore Science Center, I didn't realize not all Science Centers weren't that epic until coming to this one. While it was fun, it was no Baltimore. The kids loved it nonetheless.

This little water station was definitely Shae's favorite. He loved dropping the duckies and watching them shoot out.

This girl was like, "PLEASE let me out of here."

So we finally did. (There is a nice little gated play area for kids under 4. I'm pretty sure we will be visiting that area often over the next few months).

The pass is really great too because there are a number of museums in each state where you can use it.  So when I had an appointment up in Rochester a few weeks ago, the fam tagged along and hit up the Science museum up there. Here's some of the pictures that Darin took: 

Shae now refers to these as the white and purple science centers and tells us often how he would like to go again and play with certain things. One evening he went on for a half an hour straight about how he wanted to go to the white museum and play with the crane and construction and dig for dinosaurs and shoot the tennis ball and make the boats move, etc. etc. etc. 

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