Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Joy School

Somebody was not thrilled about the crown that we made him wear for his birthday treat portion of Joy School today.

 He ripped it off as quickly as he could. Kind of him to wear it for 3 seconds so that I could get the two pictures above.

Belén was trying so hard to get in there and get a treat too. You're time will come little one. Very soon in fact. 

 We are on our third week of Joy School and are loving it. It was so much fun to have these great kids in our home to learn and play together. They are a lot of fun. I'm also loving my couple of hours twice a week where me and Belén get to spend some time together alone. 

We have a group of 5 kids. All the boys are right around 3, with just a couple months separating them. Shae loves these boys so much and had a hard time going to nursery that first Sunday in January with all of them going to Sunbeams (their birthdays are in November and December, right before the cut off). 
Josh and Carter
We were so excited when Sydney decided to join in our group as well. She is such a sweetheart. It's also nice that Shae gets to play with her during the week AND in nursery on Sundays.
Freeze Dancing. Aka: Madness.

Snack Time:

Resting: (haha, this picture cracks me up. It just looks so forced--which it was).

Showing off their crayon melted hearts.

We are so grateful we get to interact with these great kids and their amazing moms so often. Shae looks forward to going to school (just like daddy) almost everyday (we have to remind him often that it is only two days a week). 

If you are considering doing a preschool program like this, you should! All of the lessons are planned out with book suggestions and links to music. We really love it so far.

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