Monday, February 29, 2016

All the Small Things

Random photo dump from the past few months. Random, but memories nonetheless.

It's always so fun to see where Shae will be when I go in to peek on the kids before I go to bed.

They LOVE looking out these big windows in their room, probably my favorite feature of this apartment. They love checking to see if it snowed, waving good-bye to Darin as he leaves, and watching the garbage truck pick up the trash.

Shae likes to shut Belén out of rooms, especially the bathroom while he is in there (understandably so). It cracks me up to see her flattened on the floor trying to look under the doors and sticking her little fingers under. 

Just a normal day in the "bakery" with Chef Shae while Belén eats the alphabet naked.

Cooly-Sheff was our special visitor from December until just last week when we took him down. Shae named him and would always say, "Bye, Cooly-Sheff." When we left the house.

"Look mom, I a daddy." Thankfully putting on a tie does not make you a daddy.

Intense grocery driving.

Barnes & Nobles is one of our go to winter places to hang out.

As is the Science Center. She was grunting so loud while trying to reach this ball. 

Darin finally had time to go play basketball with some of the guys from church about a month ago and has not been able to walk on his right foot/ankle since. He sprained it bad. Walked around with a boot for 3 weeks and has just recently been able to get around without it.

Belén learning about her body while waiting for the doctor to come in to talk to Darin about his ankle.

Oh this day. Shae went through four different pairs of pants in one day. Impressive. We all have our days. He was just so excited playing at Joy School that he couldn't control it and went, right at the end. Spilled lunch all over himself. Then, after falling asleep unexpectedly (aka: without going potty first) he wet himself and all his blankets and sheets during his nap. He went right to the tub when he woke up and got to enjoy his favorite after nap/quiet time treat, milk, in the tub.

With Christmas presents, putting our mail on hold/taking it off hold, and recent aunt's birthdays, we've gone to the Post Office quite a bit in the past few months. It has become such a treat for Shae to go to the POST OFFICE (!!). As soon as we walk in he said, "Let's explore!" We always do our business and then we always explore. So much fun stuff to check out in that place (at least they seem to think so, frankly, the hundreds of identical mail boxes aren't all that interesting to me).

Putting the birthday Fruit Loops that he wouldn't eat to good use building castles. 

While I play around with settings on my camera and realize yet again that I know NOTHING about cameras.

A collection of the little Valentines that Darin hid around the house for me, one for each day of the week leading up to V-day.
Chalk and a squirt bottle, who knew it could entertain for so long.

Finally, because you can never have too many selfies with your kids, and because I'm feeling all kinds of sentimental about this girl turning one on Friday...

That's a wrap.

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