Monday, February 8, 2016

11 Months

This girl is...11 months!!

Love that toothy grin. She has eight teeth! Four on top, four on the bottom. Teething has felt like a constant battle for the past few months over here. She seems to be taking a little break and is sleeping through the night! Woo! Finally! She usually only woke onceish before that, but it is SO nice to go consecutive nights without waking up to help her. She sleeps from 6:30 p.m. to about 6:30/7 a.m. give or take. She will still occasionally let out a little yelp, but then settles herself quickly. 

She is usually still taking 2 naps but some days just takes one if we are out and about in the morning. This makes putting Shae down for a nap much easier since they are then able to nap at the same time.

The girl is obsessed with wrestling. She freaks out if you lay down on the ground and quickly crawls over and nuzzles her head in to you. Lately, she doesn't even wait for someone to be laying down. If I'm on the floor putting my shoes on, she books it over and starts "wrestling." (Daddy has been in a lot of pain the past few weeks with his sprained ankle, but has finally started braving the floor again and the kids are LOVING it, his ankle is not). 

Wearing bows last for about 1.5 seconds these days...

...then straight to the mouth.

We are really struggling to find any shoes that fit her fat baby feet.

Shae is convinced that if we find shoes that fit her, she will be able to walk. Darin does "walking" practice with her just about everyday which she hates.  She has taken a step or two when she is trying to get to something else close by and occasionally lets go of things and will stand for a few seconds before she realizes what she is doing and immediately drops to the floor.

She has discovered the wonders of cell phones. She is constantly trying to get ours and play with them/drool all over them.

This face. She used to lean up against my shoulder while I sang to her before bed or nap, now she just makes this face right in my face and then starts chuckling. She has really turned in to a goof this past month which has been pretty entertaining (but I really miss the cuddles before bed).

She can't go anywhere without her brother on top of her or pulling her to the floor or piling blankets on her. 

Can't believe she is almost ONE!

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