Monday, February 22, 2016

Shae's Birthday

Shae has been talking about his birthday since Christmas. He invited every single person he talked to to come to "his party" that he apparently thought he was having. We made a chain that we started on February 1st as a count down to his birthday. It was so fun to take a link off each day and see him understand that his birthday was getting closer. A week before we checked out a bunch of birthday books to read throughout his entire birthday week. We watched the birthday episode of Daniel Tiger multiple times. He was ready.

The day of, I think I was almost  excited as he was. The hype he had put in to this day, it was unreal, how could I not be excited too? He loved walking out that morning to see balloons and streamers all over the living room.

He immediately opened the present we had left out for him which was a box of Fruit Loops. We did this for Darin's bday too (birthday cereal) and I think this will become a new tradition. I love the simplicity of it. Not starting a busy birthday with a sink full of dishes from breakfast is a win in my book. Plus, we never buy sugary cereal, so it really does feel extra special. (He ate one bowl on his birthday and that was it. We kept trying to convince him to eat it days later so that we could get rid of it but he just wanted cheerios! ha! I guess it was a little too sweet for him). 

We let him open some presents before daddy left for school.

These reusable stickers are awesome, especially because they were only $5! (as an add on item to go along with my toilet paper).  He'll stand at the window playing with them and tell me, "I doing my work. I busy." He must hear that line a little too much...oops. 

After we dropped Darin off at school we met up with some friends at the Science Center and played for awhile. When we got home, I was given a birthday gift in that Shae took a nap which doesn't happen very often anymore. I was able to get working on the cake while he slept and then he helped me put the finishing touches on it.

Trying to convince me to eat the cake now.

We let him choose two friends to invite over with their families for pizza and cake that night. They had a blast playing together while we got to socialize with their parents. 

Thanks to our awesome families for all the phone calls, cards, and gifts. He was ecstatic. This is how he did his birthday Skype call with Ibu the next day...

We love this kid just as much as he loves that ratty brown blanket of his. Which is A LOT of love in case you didn't know.

Happy Birthday Shaester!

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