Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Hi. My name is Shae Sanders Self. I am thwee. 

Here's some things you should know about me:

I draw really good stick people. Sometimes they are quite disproportional their arms come out of their heads. I love drawing my family. This is a snowman picture that I drew all by myself before Christmas that my mom put on the fridge because she loved it so much:

I don't take naps anymore. I try not to anyways. Mom made me take one on my birthday since I was going to stay up late with friends, but that was the only nap I took last week! Most days I just do quiet time. Well, mostly quiet time, it's hard for me to stay quiet while I play and read. I yell for mom a few times because I have to show her things, but I try to stay quiet. Quiet time has helped me realize that I have some pretty cool toys.

He called me back to see his train track and I was so happy to see him actually PLAYING with his toys.
His room after the first quiet time. Well, he does love to make big piles of stuff...and it kept him entertained.

My parents put a clock in my room. Now I know when it is 7 o'clock and I can get out of bed then, but not any sooner. I usually lay in bed singing while I wait for the clock to change to 7:00. Sometimes I lose control of my little fingers and they change the time on the clock, then I don't know when I can get up and mom or dad comes in to save me. I also use the clock during quiet time. Mom sets it to 1:30 and I can come out of my room at 3. 

I still really like to talk to people. In fact, I invited SO many people to my birthday party (the cashier at the grocery store, the mail man, the doctor, all my neighbors). But, I'm starting to become a bit more shy around people that I don't know. 

One of my favorite things to say to my mom is, "It's fine mom." She seems so concerned when I try to bite Belén or draw on the couch or when I ask for my fourth cup of milk that day. I just look up and sweetly say, "It's fine mom." She seems to need a little reassurance. 

Typical goof ball Shae right there.

There are so many books that I fell in love with last year, here's a few that I could read over and over and over again: The Watermelon Seed, Fraidyzoo, Leo the Ghost, The Gruffalo, 10 Minutes Till Bedtime, Very Little Cinderella, any Llama Llama or Froggy books, and Little Critter's Lift and Flap books (Hansel & Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and Jack and the Beanstalk).

The only Disney movie I watch is Cars, the other ones are too scary.  I love Daniel Tiger, Super Why, and Word World. Lately, I also enjoy watching Elmo with Belén because she loves him so much.

I overheard my mom tell my dad that I am becoming a bit more mischievous. I just get so curious when I have crayons and markers and stickers in my hands. I want everything to be decorated so nice! I just think I'm becoming a bit more adventurous. I want to try so many new things.

Marker all over his body.
Homemade bath paints

I love when I get to play games with BOTH my mom and dad. My favorites are Hide & Seek, Mother May I, Red Light Green Light, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, and Cat In the Hat Matching.

I also really love when I get to do crafts with mom.
Pausing while painting to eat some snacks from Aunt Amelia.
Play Dough with Tigger. Never a dull moment. (how does he still fit in that?)
I'm just so excited to be thwee! I already can't wait for my next birthday!

Some things that mom wants to remember from the past few months:
~"Ready, Setty, Go!"

~After some pretty epic tooting, "You see that noise my bum make? What that noise my bum make?"

~ Mom: What do we think about during sacrament meeting?
Shae: Peppa Pig!
Grandma S: I think about Jesus...
Dad: I also think about Jesus.
Shae: No dad! Grandma think about Jesus, you no think about Jesus!

~ While nursing Belén I tell him that I need him to leave so that she will focus. 
Mom: Hurry Hurry! Go! I need her to eat! Hurry!
Shae, while running out of the room, immediately stops and turns around: Why hurry? Is Santa coming NOW!?

~We did bubble gum bubble gum once to choose who says the bed time prayer. We have done it every night since then. One of those toddler things, you know? You do it once and they expect it every time. Sometimes it's easier to just give in then to fight it.

~When Darin and I are talking, he will say, "scuse me." When we acknowledge him, he clearly has nothing to say but, "Uhh, umm" as he tries to think of something to say. He wants to be a part of EVERY conversation.

We had our neighbors over last week (5 days before Shae's birthday). Our neighbors birthday was a week before. We pulled out some chocolate cake, Shae took one look at and said in a quiet voice, "Is it soooooomebody's birthday?"

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  1. You forgot about Bus Driver! (Dang book) Hahahaha, and Lion King which I've decided that I can't watch with him anymore because it's traumatizing.