Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ithaca Children's Garden

I'm trying to get caught up on all these old posts. Christmas/Winter break has really put me behind in life (and the fact that we were all sick for about a month of the break). 

About a week or so before the semester ended, we took a little trip to the Ithaca Children's Garden downtown. We weren't seeing much of Darin at this point, but he snuck away with us for an hour which was so nice. The pictures are really grey, but the weather was so nice the day we went. We couldn't believe that we were sitting outside without coats mid-December in Ithaca.

The garden wasn't anything fancy, quite the opposite in fact. It felt like a bunch of junk thrown around an area for kids to check out. Junk is treasure to a child's heart. Shae loved climbing around on old tires and piles of pallets. I didn't take too many pictures because I forgot the camera, but got a few with my phone.

Here are a few from the music area:

And some of the other random areas:

There wasn't much for Belén to do at the garden besides wiggle around in the stroller wanting to get out. There was a park right next to it so we stopped there afterwards. She had a blast playing on the playground. She's just getting so big! (And this was a month and a half ago).

Needless to say, this was a much needed outing with daddy. Now that we've had a long fun break with him, back to school today it is.

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