Thursday, January 7, 2016

Random Christmas Vacation pics

Shae is now very familiar with where the toys are at my parent's house. We arrive, he gives hugs, and immediately goes to the attic (which is just a door through Ammon's room) to get toys. To start off this trip he wanted to play puppets...and tools, of course.
 They first used the tools to fix the puppet stand.
 Then put on a puppet show.
 Shae was very excited to help with the cleaning duties.
Belén burst into tears when she saw my dad the night we arrived. A combination of not sleeping much in the car + big black military glasses I suppose. The next day she had some face exploration time with him and felt much better about their relationship. 

 Shae playing soccer with grandma.
 He loved all the play dough letters he got for Christmas.
 We had to barricade Belén in so that she wouldn't get to the stairs. 
 We did our traditional deli sandwiches on Christmas day to keep things easy and did our actual Christmas dinner on Sunday (rather than Christmas Eve since Anna wasn't there yet).
 Everyone was SO excited about this meal. I mean, can you not just feel the excitement emanating from the picture below. 
 That's a little better.

 Enjoying some Christmas candy together:

 One night we went to watch the "singing houses."

 And then we gave hugs and said our good-byes.

Until next time.

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