Tuesday, January 12, 2016

10 Months

"I am SO done with this photo shoot. Get me out of this little dress."

After sleeping horribly while in Virginia (where we all shared a room and Shae woke up every hour), Belén slept through the night three nights in a row at my parents house! (She slept alone in the little sewing room which definitely helped). It was glorious. The days she didn't sleep 100% through the night, she just woke up once and would sleep until 7:30/8 a.m. It was so nice of her. If only Shae had been that nice... Coming home I had high hopes that she would continue to sleep through the night, but alas, sharing a room with Shae just makes that a bit difficult. She is better now at sleeping through his noise and tends to only wake up once, which we can handle.

Really good with taking two naps a day. She has needed a bit more help falling asleep for naps this month which was weird, but she seems to be coming out of that phase and doesn't need us to rub her back until she falls asleep anymore.

The rough sleep for naps might have been due to the three new teeth she got this month. Two more on top and one on the bottom for a total of seven teeth.

She had fun with all her "new toys" this month, aka: ornaments (they quickly moved higher and higher up on the tree).

First Christmas!

We do most things with one sock on and one sock off these days.

Her favorite books seem to be Brown Bear Brown Bear, Peek-A-Boo Animals, and Doggies by Sandra Boynton (she loves all the different dog noises!). She giggles ridiculously when I make a cat sound in her ear while reading Brown Bear. She also got very excited about the cats at my parents house. You could tell she was enthralled by them and scared of them at the same time. 

It's hard to say what her favorite foods are. She eats anything and everything that we put in front of her. She had a couple bites of her first sweets this month. A bite of cookie and some Pokys that were in our stockings. She was a fan.

 Mastered the art of sippy cup drinking. 

She had a week where she was sick with nasty goopey eyes. It never seemed like full on pink eye to me, maybe the beginning of it (which I seem to have now too, boo). We took her to the doctors and got her some eye drops and it cleared up quickly, but her eyes were so red for a few days.
Still kind of red here, but so much better
 She would stay in the bathtub forever if we let her, or stand by the bathtub while Shae bathes forever, if we'd let her. Can we just talk about naked babies for a sec? They're the greatest.

Enjoyed her first museum this month (post to come later).

She started saying mamamamamamama. Definitely doesn't mean mama, but cute nonetheless. Her usual noises still consist of deep growls and deep malicious sounding laughs.

She loves to help me with my stretches (just trying to fix those pelvic floor muscles a bit...and watch The Chew at the same time).

Her personality is shining through everyday and we just love it. We both say, "She is just the best." "She is just the cutest." "She is just the greatest." or something of that nature at least 20 times a day, because she really is!

Happy 10 Months Baylina Ballarina. 

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