Friday, January 8, 2016

Our Visit to the Burg

Before Christmas, we took a quick trip down to Williamsburg to see some friends...and eat some good food. We stayed with the Lukes for a couple of days where these boys fought like they always do, but had some cute moments too.

These girls made messes of all the bookshelves, and Belén pulled a little side table down and broke a vase, which I still feel really bad about...

 And we had some great adult catch up time with these crazies.


We just won't even talk about the BYU game which was one of the main reasons we went down when we did...

We then stayed with the Meldrums for a few days. These two. I just love them. I babysat little Fla-la for quite some time while living in Williamsburg so this girl has a special place in my heart. Plus she was Shae's first "real" friend. It was so fun to see them interact and communicate and see that they hadn't completely forgotten each other after a few months of not seeing each other. (Excuse the weird foggy pictures).

On Sunday we visited our favorite Spanish Branch. We walked in and this girl immediately got swept out of our arms. We didn't get her back until we were leaving the building.
 My kids just love the Richeys. 

The Three Musketeers back together.

Of course we couldn't leave Williamsburg without enjoying some of our favorite restaurants. We made sure to stop at Nawab and El Sabrason (Pupusas!). So so good.

We had high hopes of spending the day in Washington D.C. on our way to my parents house. It ended up being a pretty rainy day and we were all exhausted from staying up late with our friends and sleeping in one room where our children missed the memo that we were supposed to be SLEEPING and that 5 a.m. was not an appropriate hour to wake up. So, sadly, we scratched our DC plans (which was good since it took us 7 hours to get to my parents due to traffic), we'll have other opportunities. We did take a pit stop at the temple to see all the Christmas trees and nativities...and let the kids loose for a bit.

 We're hoping to spend some time in both of these countries (Indonesia and Paraguay) in the coming years so it was fun to find their nativities. 

 And of course I just love Argentina for obvious reasons.

I also really loved Tanzania and Thailand. 

I tried...
 She's impossible these days.

 And cute.

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