Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Day

It has been a suuuuuper mild winter for us thus far. We've actually been quite jealous of all the snow pictures we've seen from our Utah/Idaho friends (especially on Christmas! We enjoyed a 65 degree Christmas out here). And now with everything we are hearing this weekend about snowmageddon, which is hitting my family in PA and where I grew up in MD pretty hard, I've got snow on the mind.

The past two weeks we have finally started to get a bit of snow, and the temperatures have plummeted to highs in the 20s, rather than the 60s. One observation we have made with the snow out here is that it's just kind of in the air. Kind of like how 100% humidity felt in Williamsburg, there was just a constant mist in the air...that's how it's felt here, but with snow. 

Even though it wasn't much, we got enough last week to finally whip out our sleds and go out and play.

These two had a blast.

They probably would have stayed out all afternoon, while Belén and I waited in the warm car, if our sled hadn't been destroyed after a few runs down the hill.

I guess we didn't pick a very good hill...there was a big ditch all along the bottom of the hill that didn't seem to like us much.

Belén seemed indifferent about the snow.

She was much happier once we were back inside.

For a bit anyways, I can't get enough of her pouty face...

This kid just had a blast... much so that he crashed on daddy while watching a movie not too long after.

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