Monday, August 17, 2015

While in Limbo

We were homeless for a week in between the time we had to be out of our apartment in Williamsburg, but before we could move in to our apartment in Ithaca. At least, we would have been homeless if it hadn't been for my family who conveniently lives right in between our old home and our new one.

The kids had a blast playing with Uncle Philip. He is so much fun to play with.

Shae got really excited about a tool box full of kid tools that we found in the attic. He ran around playing with them all week.

As well as these water guns that we found. He and I had a blast going for walks outside looking for things to squirt (imaginary and real of course).

He also had daily watering and garden duties that Khun-ta helped him with.

Baylina turned 5 months. These kiddos have been so cute together lately. Shae looks at her and she cracks up. It's pretty much the most precious thing.

Anna got back from Boise while we were there. We only got to hang for a day before she left us to go back to Williamsburg.

Quick pic on our way out to the zoo (Anna left to go back to VA at the same time).

We went on a really cool safari ride with a really big open area that we drove around for about 30-45 minutes. There were all kinds of free roaming animals that would come up to the safari bus and let us pet them--and feed them crackers.

Shae preferred to eat the crackers (gross!).

Belén had no idea what was going on. 
Us: Belén, look! An elk! Belén! An elk!

B: Oh, what's that? A chair? Ooooo, a soft, smooth, warm chair.

Shae caught on after awhile, sort of. Instead of eating the crackers, he threw them out towards the animals. He didn't seem to like the idea of having the animals eat them out of his hand. 

Such a fun zoo (Wildlife Park, to be exact). Before leaving we watched a really cool reptile program. Shae got to pet an alligator and I saw a sloth move for the first time, quite a bit actually. What a cool animal!

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