Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ithaca is Gorges

My birthday was last week. One year older and wiser too...well, one year older I suppose. Darin had Math Camp and was gone all day, but he did make me a pretty stinking delicious cake the night before in anticipation of my birthday. That evening we had some friends, prospective friends (?), people we had met from church over. It was a nice low-key evening. We got to know some awesome people and ate some great Better Than Sex cake. And now I am 28.

We took advantage of an offer to babysit from one of the couples that was over (yes, definitely friends) on Saturday morning. We dropped Shae off, packed Belén up and went on our first Ithaca hike. We've heard SO much about all the different hikes around here and were excited to check one out. It did not disappoint. 

We went to Robert H. Treman State Park. We took the Gorge Trail up and the Rim Trail down. It was about 4.5 miles round trip. Perfect for our first hike in awhile. Unbeknownst to us before going, there was a half/full marathon going on on the trails we were hiking. There are some pretty hardcore people in this world. Those hikes were pretty strenuous to walk up, I can't imagine running them...for 26 miles, or even 13, or even 2 for that matter.

Lots of stairs, lots and lots of stairs. Like, lots. People were running. A. Freaking. Marathon. Darin was not. (But check out that calf muscle. Yow! He really should have been running the marathon, with Belén on his back).

Loving this hiking school backpack that Darin got.

 Lucifer falls.

This girls exhausted smile. Hiking is hard work.

She finally gave in.

We have  to come back here in October. It's a must.

And this is the swimming area that was sadly closed the day we went. But is that not cool or what? There's even a diving board!

What a great birthday adventure. We don't have long to try and squeeze in a few more hikes before the dreaded winter hits!

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