Monday, August 10, 2015

Last Days in the Burg Part II

We have loved getting to know so many amazing people in our Spanish Branch. I have really enjoyed being in Young Women's for the past two years. It was so great to see the class more than double in size when these two sweet girls got baptized two months ago. I'm sad that I only got to be with them for a short time, but my replacement is pretty much the bomb diggity. They will have a blast and learn a lot all at the same time.

When we would say we were going to church on Sundays, the first thing out of Shae's mouth was always, "E.J.!" It was fun to see these two "grow up" together.

As soon as we got to church Shae would run up to Hermana Fay, yell out, "Teacher!" and give her a big hug. It was pretty precious. He will miss her (as will we).

The Hernandez family. Solid, spectacular family right there. They are going places.

President Chamberlain was our branch president for almost our entire time in the branch. We both learned so much from him. What a great, Christ-like, kind-hearted leader.

And then we packed and packed and packed.

Took some breaks to play with my early birthday present (camera) that Darin surprised me with.

 Said some more sad goodbyes. It has been so great knowing the Meldrums, living down the street from them, having kids almost exactly the same age, staying up way to late playing games on the weekends. We've learned a lot from these friends and have so many great memories. Can't wait to see them again someday!

Impossible to get a "good" picture of these two.

Darin and Nicky shared an office for the past year and a half. They've become pretty close. We all love Nicky to death. He is one of the kindest, friendliest people I have ever met. Glad to know that W&M won't be the end of this friendship.

Jessica and Darin go way back to their senior year at BYU. They did their Masters together and then both got jobs in Williamsburg. Jessica is such a sweetheart. She was always willing to watch Shae for us and give Darin a ride to work when life got crazy. We sure do love her (and hope that she comes to Cornell to do her PhD soon).

We spent our first few days in Williamsburg at the Trichler's house. It was only appropriate that we spend our last evening there as well.

The Lukes left on vacation two weeks before we moved. We somehow managed to say goodbyes without taking any pictures. Pretty mad at myself about that. But let it be known, we will miss the Lukes like crazy! They were so sweet to let us stay in their house the last few nights while we finished things up in our apartment. They are forever friends.

 The missionaries (all 8 of them) and the youth came to help pack up our truck.

The masses of helpers heading home.

All packed up!

Goodbye to the sister missionaries. We have really enjoyed working so closely with the missionaries these past two year, something that we did not get to do in Utah. They ate over on almost a weekly basis and before the babe was born I usually went out with them at least once a week. Such great girls.

Shae was gone (thank goodness!) during the packing of the truck. He came home and got to meet the truck. "Daddy's big truck!" He got to ride in it on our way over to the Luke's house and was in toddler heaven.

Hanging out in the empty house while we finished some things.

Goodbye humidity! 
(We were ridiculously sweaty after taking this picture. One thing we will NOT miss about Williamsburg, the heat!)

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