Sunday, August 16, 2015

Really Truly Absolutely LAST Day in the Burg

Now that we finally  have internet in our new apartment, I can finish up the Williamsburg chapter of our lives and get caught up on everything else that has been going on. 

Literally, our last day in Williamsburg. We left the Lukes and went over to CW for one last stroll (and to buy Chocolate Covered Cashews for Darin's mom, aka, try tons of delicious nut samples one last time). I wanted to get some pictures of our favorite places to remember. 

I forgot to get a picture of the George Washington statue outside of the library (right next to CW), but wanted to document something about it anyways.  That statue has been a big part of Shae's life the past two years. Anytime we went to the library, we had to stop and say hi or bye to "George," as Shae calls him. Darin worked right next to the library so Shae would often yell hello to our good buddy George from the inside of the car when we turned in to Darin's work. Here's some of our other favorite places:

Dog Street Pub

Shae and I spent a lot of time together over the past two years walking down this street...

...stopping to see the horsies....

...chasing the carriages...

 ...and running around the lawn in front of the Governor's Palace.

And that was that. We got back in the car and drove out. Dropped Darin at the airport in Richmond to spend a few days with his family, dropped Anna off in D.C. to go out to Boise for a wedding and the kids and I headed up to Pennsylvania to wait out the week of houselessness. 

We love you Williamsburg! Thanks for a great two years!

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