Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Last Days in the Burg

A few last babysitting days with the Fla-la which meant lots of pool time for the crazy toddlers.  

Shae has been obsessed with collecting all of these little acorn thingys at the park. He brought a whole bunch of them home with him last time we went and loved playing with them in the pool.

It's a tough life being two.

Daily baby wrestles (and baby kisses). This one will most likely continue on to our new apartment.

We used up our final ice cream coupons from the Summer Reading Program.

 We took Anna to Jamestown for her first time and our last time (and were lucky enough to have Sara and Fla-la tag along with us).

 Took tons of pictures of this girl. I just can't help myself.

These ducks. Shae got one each week for the past three weeks of the Summer Reading Program (even though I tried so hard to convince him to get books instead...). He's obsessed with them. Can't sleep without them. 

 Said good-bye to the institute.  We are eternally grateful for this awesome job that Darin has had for the past two years. It is exactly what our family needed.

Also grateful for these awesome coworkers that Darin worked with and happy that we can call them friends. This was at a going away cook-out that they threw for Darin and Nicky. They had so many sweet things to say about these two hardworking Project Managers.

So glad that I got to know this great girl through Darin's job (his bosses daughter). I had an awesome time tutoring her in Spanish over the summer.

Me trying to pack games = Shae finding new games. (Definitely should have pulled this game out sooner, he sat and played with these tiles forever).

Shae led his very first story time when we were unable to get in to the ballet performance because we showed up a few minutes late.

Another one of the things he ran off with while I was trying to pack them.

So many fun memories in this town with these sweet babies of mine.

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