Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Afternoon in the Park

We have an awesome  park just a couple minutes away from us (Stewart Park). It is located right at the base of Lake Cayuga. It has tons of playground equipment, a great view of the lake, a splash pad, beautiful trails that go by the lake and some connecting rivers and ponds, bridges, a carousel (not really loving this one since it costs money and Shae doesn't really understand the "cutting back" aspect of life right now). Overall, I think it's just great.

The kids and I went to it the first week we were here with a bunch of the mamas from church. We loved it so much that we had to bring daddy back that Saturday to see it.
Shae rocking his awesome 90s froggy outfit.

After our walk Shae, was all about hitting up the splash pad. It's actually been pretty hot these two weeks we've been here (it probably just feels extra hot too because we don't have central AC--No one really does--and we live on the third floor of our complex). It was a warm day at the park so I was all for going to the splash pad and getting a little wet too.

Cool playground and carousel in the background.

 The teething one was content to sit in daddy's arms and chomp on his fingers the whole time.

This park is a huge win for us.

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