Monday, December 23, 2013

Twas the Week Before Christmas and...

~I was caroling with the youth at a nursing home (Did I mention that I was called as the Young Women's President? Really, presidency...)

~We were making/eating/dropping off WAY too many of these cookies. I'm addicted.

~We were enjoying a Friday night Christmas party with our branch. Shae was scared of Santa (picture to come later...I didn't have my camera...).

~We were driving North. Stopping at the temple for a session and Christmas lights. Continuing on to Pennsylvania.

Shae and I hung out in the Visitor Center for a bit while waiting for the others. We waited in the confined room "8 stories." This room brings back memories of working at the MTC because of these huge pictures and the videos of the missionaries from the District II. I watched these videos SO many times while working there. Feels like home.

~Listening to the beautiful music/wrestling a sleepy baby during the Stake Christmas Concert. (A.J. had a solo!)

 Shae made some little girlfriends while waiting for the concert to start. He gets so excited when he sees other kids running around. They run and then you see him crawling as fast his chunky little legs can take him a few seconds behind them. It kills me. 

~Getting pumped to talk to Sister Kretchman on Wednesday!

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