Monday, December 16, 2013

Family Movie Night

It wouldn't be Christmas without Christmas movies! And last night I can legitimately say that we had our very first family  Christmas movie night (really our first family movie night, ever). Usually Shae is bed before we start any movies or if we do start a movie early he watches for a whole two seconds and then starts flipping over in our laps to climb us.

Thanks to a late nap after we got home from afternoon church, the boy was up a little later than normal which was definitely okay by me as he sat on my lap for a good half hour watching Polar Express with Darin and I. He spent the next half hour glued to the TV behind Darin like this:

Must have been the choice in movies. I think the animation was just perfect for him. He never sits to watch anything cartoon, but the Sesame Street "puppets" he loves. I was hoping he would like the animation in Polar Express as well since it's a little different than your normal cartoon, and he did!

I'm so anxious to start family traditions with this kid; Last night gave me a little taste of  what that might feel like.

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