Friday, December 13, 2013

10 Months

Double digits!

My mom asked me last month, "So when are you going to stop torturing your child by putting him in that 0-3 month outfit?" Those weren't her exact words, but more or less. You get the point. I mean, "I've come this far, probably at least till his fifth birthday," I replied.

 But really, only two more months of "torturing" my son. I promise.

Some of our favorites over the last month:

Darin's favorite: Mimicking us. We cough, he coughs. We make a raspberry noise, he makes a raspberry noise. We brush our teeth, he freaks out until we hand him his toothbrush as well. 

My favorite: His excited face. Picture this, me pulling out a cracker to give him. He straightens his arms completely, makes little fists, stretches his neck out to the point of seeing the veins pop out while he forms an oval/rectangle with his lips and says "eeeeeeeee" and then grabs the cracker and shoves it into his mouth. It's pretty darn cute. He does this when Sesame Street is on, when I mention  milk, when he sees food, etc.

Shae's favorites: Climbing the stairs. He just figured out how to get passed our stroller barricade. Looks like we need something stronger. And this grin, he wears it the ENTIRE way up the stairs. He loves it.

 The dishwasher. When he hears it open he will rush into the kitchen to be right there unloading the silverware with me. 

Round ball ornaments.

Socks! He collects socks and holds on to them while crawling and playing.

Sesame Street. I can't get over just how excited he gets when it comes on. I die. 

New gadgets that he has recently discovered in the bathtub.

He also:

Does a great job with finger foods but seems to prefer being spoon-fed.

Doesn't like potatoes! Guess that Idaho blood hasn't fully sunk in yet. He spits them right out. Maybe with time (or a little butter and sour cream) he will come to like them better.

Has two top teeth coming in. One that is already half-way out and the other that will probably break through the skin any day now.

Dances whenever music comes on (as in, he bobs up and down and bounces on his bum).

Waves bye-bye...when he wants to. He's especially good at waving daddy off to work in the morning.

Sleeps through the night most nights thanks to the cozy, warm snow suit our friends are letting us borrow.

Can stand pretty steadily by himself.

Started clapping. Claps while he dances and when he is excited.

(Click here to watch the video.)

Happy 10 months Shaester! 

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  1. Brillante and Darin! OMGSH! He is so darn cute! I just love these pictures! Got your Christmas card too and loved that picture too! So happy for you all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Love you guys!
    Me, Jane