Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap Part II

We put up the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving. My family is letting us borrow their "little" tree (they now have a much bigger one). I say "little" (in quotation marks) because it is double the size of our itty bitty Charlie Brown tree that we have used the past two years. It's an upgrade for us! I love it. It's nice to have a "bigger" tree and it fits perfectly in our not so large living room.

I'm loving our living room right now with the Christmas tree and white lights hanging all around the room. We also rearranged which was more than needed. Maybe we'll follow the rest of Williamsburg and leave the lights and tree up and have Christmas year round. It adds such a good feeling to the house, now how can I convince Darin to let me do it?

Our living room wasn't really a living room for a few days. We only kept our mattress down there one night because man, my parents can snore! 

Darin schooled us in Risk. Like, bad. He took us all out in one turn. It was embarrassing. One of those wins that makes you feel awful because the game just ends all of a sudden with no real competition. Thanks Darin. But really, he deserved to school us all because he got schooled pretty terribly in a game of Monopoly earlier that week.

Saturday was beautiful and Darin was feeling somewhat back to normal so we went out and walked around Colonial Williamsburg. Found an art gallery with some really cool paintings and statues. We also went into the church right in the middle of Colonial Williamsburg which we hadn't done previously. Old churches are so beautiful. This one was extra cool because it had names of people on the pews and at the very front was George Washington and John Adams.

 The house seems so quiet now that everyone is gone. Good thing I have this kiddo to entertain me.

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