Wednesday, December 11, 2013

One-On-One Time

I get a lot of one-on-one time with Shae. I mean, A LOT. It's really easy to take it for granted. One of my goals this week has been to enjoy the little moments at home with him more. And I have! I've tried to play with him more, sing with him more, read to him more and watch him more. I love sneakely observing him from behind a book or the laptop (I have to be so careful not to make eye contact or let him see me because as soon as he does he bolts right over to me and pulls at my pants until I pick him up and the observing fun comes to an immediate halt).  

It's funny how we sometimes have to decide  to feel a certain way and then just do it. I'm a full believer in attitude-decisions (most of the time) and think that we are in full control of what we feel, it just takes a decision on our part to feel that way. Right now I have decided to be happy at home with my little boy and happy I am.

(We had a little picnic outside last week and decided to snap some selfies. Warning: Neither of us had put on any makeup for the picnic).

Something that makes me super happy without needing to be decided at all is when Darin and Shae get one-on-one time. They don't get it very often since Darin is gone at work all day but Shae sure does love it when he gets some "man" time. (Especially when it mean watching ballet like they are doing in the below pictures. Very  manly. HooRah. Grunt Grunt. Burp Burp. Plie plie. ). 

(Side note: Shae ALWAYS pulls his socks off, but I pulled out these Santa slippers-- that he is wearing in the picture--the other day that I got at a clothing exchange, they have a little bell on them and he was trying to pull them off/eat them all day, and they stayed on! Poor guy, he was so frustrated that he couldn't't get them off, but at least I knew that his feet were warm :).

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