Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Special Visitor!

One of my bestest bosom buddy friends from college was in town for work last week (I know right? She's pretty legit). We convinced her to stay with us for the weekend and she complied. We didn't really do much besides talk for hoursssssss (which was all I could have really wanted anyways). Lucky for us, talking goes along perfectly with walking, so we did just that.

Saturday night we snuck out and left the daddy and baby to watch their football game (woah. why does snuck have a little red squiggly under it? The past tense can't seriously be "sneaked out." No me gusta. I'm sticking to snuck). We walked around Yankee Candle (only my favorite place in Williamsburg) and then the Outlets. Then on Monday before her flight we hit up Colonial Williamsburg and of course had to take her to our favorite candy shop. 

 Just another day in Williamsburg.

Darin gave us a short tour of some things at William and Mary. He showed us the Wren Building where we got to see an old lecture hall.

 I love this girl SO much! I hate that we live so far away from each other. Thank goodness for blogging conferences! Keep em' coming!
 Before going to the airport we crossed "going to the Astronomical Pancake House" off of our Williamsburg bucket list and let me tell you, it was sadly NOT astronomical. 

 Shae seriously LOVES Kaitlyn. He had so much fun playing with her and letting her carry him around. He may not remember how to suck on a bottle nipple but he sure seemed to remember Kaitlyn. The kids got his priorities straight if you ask me.

Come back soon Kaitlyn! ("And bring Erik!" As Darin would say).

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