Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby Shower Saturday

Saturday morning we hosted a baby shower for my bosom buddy Molly. We took advantage of the fact that we would both be visiting family on the same weekend and got to planning. 

 Molly got some adorable little boy clothes. Baby Hunter will be well dressed.

It was a fun morning. I am so excited for Molly and her little family to grow to a family of four. It's weird to think back to our freshman year of college when we would daydream about our future husbands/families. It's exciting to see how things just keep on changing for the better. Baby boy Hunter is a lucky little guy to have this lady as his mama.

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  1. Ok, I realized I never responded to this post. I've had it saved on my feedly reader so I could take the time to download the pictures you posted. But, THANK YOU for the baby shower!! I loved it! It was so fun, and I love that you took so many pictures because I took like 5 after everyone had gone. Haha:) But thank you again. I loved LOVED it!!