Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Loofah Baby

After picking out our pumpkins on Saturday morning we made our way to Darin's work where they were having a homecoming barbecue. We learned from last week that we don't need to be on time to these barbecues. We arrived an hour late and the burgers were hot off the grill. Perfect timing. We couldn't believe the traffic and groups of people that we saw around campus. Apparently the homecoming football game is a pretty big deal around here. I didn't even realize there were that many people in all of Williamsburg.  It made us laugh because in Provo EVERY football game has mad ridiculous traffic, but we have never seen it like this around here for any of the other football games.

After the barbecue we quickly threw some costumes together and went down to our branches Halloween party. The original plan was for us to all be loofahs. A loofah family, if you will. You know, what that you might find in the shower of a three-person family. However, after pinning three yards of netting into Shae's onsie I decided that I was just too lazy (and cheap) to turn all three of us into loofahs.

So we took the cheapo route and turned Darin into a box of Irish Spring soap (he was pretty adamant about it being Irish Spring. And I...I wore a towel. Yeah, kind of lame, but it was easy and went with the shower theme. A few of the kids at the party looked at me and then whispered, "why is she wearing a towel?" and another one said, "What ARE you? A towel?" 

Yeah well, I'm proud of my little loofa invention so that's all that really matters in the end. (Even though Shae HATED every minute of having that thing shoved over his head. Poor babies. They go through a lot on Halloween don't they).

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  1. OH MY, cutest thing ever! Please send more pics of this sweet loofah baby.