Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Oh Fall

Fall food is my weakness. 

I was really believing in that whole "nine months on nine months off" thing that everyone told me about baby weight. We're almost to nine months and I'm getting really close to my pre-pregnancy weight but I think I might just have to put a hold on it for a few months because fall food is seriously my downfall. How bout nine months on eleven months off? That would put us right after Christmas. Yes, that's perfect. Except knowing me I'll probably gain a good ten to fifteen pounds on holiday food which might make things a little more difficult...

So you see where I'm going with this. FALL. FOOD. It's amazing. Really I'm going to try not to add any pounds but let's be honest, who ever tries  to add on pounds? And sometimes, when there is good food involved (like chilis and soups and pumpkin and apple everything), you just have to sacrifice a little. Food is one of my favorite temporal blessings and sometimes it just needs to be enjoyed.

Last night we had a super fun get together with some friends that was the epitome of fall. Cheddar broccoli soup, rolls, squash/sweet potato side dish, apple crisp, plum pie, apple cider. MMMmmmmmmmm. And on top of that, pumpkin carving. Doesn't get more fallish than that.

Now on to some overly yellowy-orangey pictures (my camera apparently couldn't handle the yellow walls, yellow curtains and orange pumpkins all over the room).

This little girl has become my new best friend. She was my pumpkin helper and also makes me want a little girl so bad! She's a doll.

I carved our last name into my pumpkin but made the S way to small and all the other letters way to big so really all you see across it is: ELF. 

Our wonderful host family! We sure do love these guys!

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