Wednesday, October 23, 2013

From Mama

Shae has my feet. Poor lil guy. Of all the things that he could have inherited from me, it had to be my feet. People have kindly told me that my feet are shaped like empanadas. I've also been asked how my flip-flops stay on in between such short, chubby toes. It's true. I have weird feet and hideous toes. My toes are short and fat and my feet are wide and callused (that last part might be my own doing). Shae has little baby empanada feet. Nice and wide with short toes. On top of that, Shae has THE ugliest toe nails that I have ever seen. They are tiny little rectangles that curl out at the edges. I'm sorry son. I truly am.

We've always been under the impression that Shae inherited Darin's straight hair but lately we have been thinking otherwise. There has been a little curl forming on his right side that makes me wonder if he might actually have inherited my curly-baby genes.

This is me at about 8 months as well. Before curls:

This is my first birthday with some curlies coming in:

This is proof that those curlies turned into adorable ringlets:

And this, this is Shae and his one little curl. 

I guess only time will tell.

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