Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You've Had a Birthday Shout Hurray

I told Darin that I wanted a picture of him looking fly with his new Orioles hat on. This is what he gave me. (Also the camera decided to die after one picture so yeah, this is what you get).

As I've already mentioned, Sunday was a pretty busy day and I don't even feel like I was with Darin for most of it, but the nice thing about Sunday birthdays is that you get to celebrate on more than just Sunday. I wrapped a few little presents before Sunday and stuck one in the mail box each day as a little surprise. Then Monday night we went out to eat (thank you Jessica for watching the boy!). It was pretty weird to go out without Shae. It kind of felt like we were dating again and we were overly oober flirty and it was really pretty fabulous.

We went to a Mediterranean restaurant ...and it was closed! That was a big bummer. So instead we tried out a Latin restaurant and stuffed our faces with pupusas and charred to perfection Carne Asada (oh-my-gosh-it-was-SO-good). After which we skipped around Yankee Candle as if we were recently engaged or had just had our first kiss or something pathetically lovey dovey. By the way, only 91 more days till Christmas. Still can't get over how awesome that place is. 

And in honor of Darin's 27th birthday, I put together a little list of...

 My 27 favorite things to do with Darin:
(In no particular order)

1. Go to a candle store and guess candle scents.
2. Drive around together while jamming out to songs like Let It Die by Foo Fighters or singing parts to Les Miserable.
3. Playing games that we randomly come up with while laying in bed together before falling asleep.
4. Try new foods.
5. Sleep in together. (maybe this will happen again someday, maybe)
6. Take goofy pictures.
7. Cook.
8. Read in bed before going to sleep.
9. Play catch.
10. Choose a TV show to watch and then--clearly--watch it together. (and back before baby I loved staying up late watching episode after episode after episode just because we could).
11. Reading talks from General Conferences together.
12. Walk around somewhere and window shop.
13. Go on vacation.
14. Having companionship inventories (aka: communication. Sometimes there are tears involved but we always feel so good afterwards and understand one another so much better which makes for a happier relationship).
15. Go to baseball games.
16. Make and eat a yummy breakfast while listening to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.
17. Go to the temple.
18. Practicar EspaƱol.
19. Play/read/sing with the baby together.
20. Go for walks.
21. Cuddle, Kiss, Hug, etc.
22. Text message throughout the day.
23.Go bowling.
24. Run together.
25. Camping/Hiking.
26. Talk in bed before falling asleep--He hates it but it really is one of my favorite things to do with him.
27. Everything! I'd much rather be doing anything with Darin than something by myself. 

Happy 27 love!

P.S. Last year for Darin's birthday we were at an ultrasound finding out that Shae would be Shae. So much happens in a year. Crayyy-zee.

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