Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Donut Moments

About a year ago, Darin and I were in bed talking before we fell asleep. I don't remember exactly how it came up, but Darin mentioned something about eating a donut that morning. "A donut?" I asked. "When did you eat a donut?" 

He replied that he had eaten a donut at the Masters brunch that morning. He hadn't mentioned anything to me about a Masters brunch when we gave our daily "day-in-review" over dinner. He told me that it wasn't a big deal, nothing "news" worthy.

And that's how our beloved Donut Moments came about. Things that happen throughout the day that aren't really "big news" but might be interesting to the other person.

For example, I might ask Darin, "So, any donuts today?" He'll think for a minute and then say something like, "yeah, I saw one of my comps on campus that I haven't seen since the mission" or "I slipped on some ice and almost fell while walking and felt like an idiot" or "My boss said that he's going to give me a bunch of craftsman root beer." 

Get it? 

After rereading the above, this kind of makes me sound like a micromanaging-tell-me-EVERY-detail-about-your-life kind of wife (and who's to say I'm not) but really, it's fun to hear about the small details of our day and share those little donuts that we experience while away from each other.

Now after that long explanation, here are some donuts from last week:

~I was called to serve as the 1st counselor in the primary presidency in our branch.

~We had seven missionaries in our little house for dinner on Thursday night.

~Skyped with my mom for the first time ever.

~Signed us up for our first 5K next month.

~Made cookies for the first time in three months.

~Had a fun game night with some new friends.

~Finally fit into some "before baby" skirts that I've been waiting so patiently to fit into again.

~All three us got to take a Sunday afternoon nap at the same time.

~Shae was a little less than thrilled about our visit to the park (actually I think he was "less than thrilled" about taking pictures with mommy.
haha! This picture kills me. He looks fat and tired and angry and nothing like my baby boy!
And there you have it: First week of September donuts hand-made just for you.

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