Monday, September 23, 2013

Manic Monday...Wish It Was Sunday...

Is it really Monday already? Holy fast and exhausting weekend. 

Saturday started at 4:45am as we woke up to get ready to go to the temple. An hour later we were out the door and on our way. Thankfully the only "traffic" we hit was a race that was going on all around the temple. It took us many turns and U-turns to find a street that would take us to the temple and not just to an orange and white barricade with groups of runners behind it. 

Spent most of the day either inside the temple or outside of it wrestling Shae and our friends toddler who we were watching while they did a session. We arrived home at 6:15pm. Talk about a day trip to the temple. It was long, but great to spend the day with my boys and I'm really grateful for our friends who watched Shae so that we could go in together.

Saturday night. Of course after an exhaustingly long day BYU had to be playing Utah at 10:15 that night. Darin left me to go watch the game with some boyz. I made it till half-time at midnight and decided that I couldn't keep my eyes open any more (oh yeah, and something about having an early rising baby kept coming to mind). I didn't want to miss anything good so I was so torn when I got in bed, but I was out in a second and clearly didn't miss anything good.

Sunday morning Shae decided that it had been fun to get out of bed at 4:45am the previous morning, so why not do it again. 

Darin had to run out earlier than normal for Sunday meetings (he was called as the executive secretary last more going to church or coming home together. Boo). Long story short, I locked my keys in our car, Shae didn't get a good nap in before church which was my fault really because of the key incident, primary is slightly overwhelming me because we don't have any teachers called so me and the Primary president and our music lady are trying to juggle everything. We came home and had people over for dinner/dessert for Darin's birthday. It was a long and busy Saturday AND Sunday.

I didn't even take one picture over the weekend. Crazy right? I'm all about picture documentation but when was there time to take a picture?

The best part of the weekend was probably looking through these awesome six month pictures that my friend Sarah took for us. They made me happy.

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