Thursday, September 5, 2013

Up In Here Up In Here

Allow me to introduce you to my wanna-be helper:
I decided to put my creative hat on and try another quilt and this little man was all kinds of "up in here, up in here."

Lately he's really been trying to make me "lose my mind" "go all out" "lose my cool" "act a fool." (Okay not really but thanks for indulging me while I break out a little DMX).

But really...he just wasn't satisfied playing on the floor. As soon as I put him on the mat on the table he was happy. Didn't even try to go after the fabric, just kept spinning in circles all over the mat. 

He's really been having fun scooting his way into things these days. He's constantly at my feet while I'm blow drying my hair, shimmies his way into the kitchen to "help" load the dishwasher (aka: lie underneath it squealing, and scoots his way over to us the second he sees us with our bowls of cereal in the morning. 

I can see why everyone always told us "just wait till he moves" (crawls/walks/runs/etc.). He definitely gets into things quickly, but it also feels like he is integrating himself more as a family member as I see his little eyes look up, saying, "I want to be a part of this too." I mean, having a baby for a quilting partner really isn't  that bad after all. 

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