Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Saturday was Ka-RAY-ZEE. Little did I  know when I woke up Saturday morning just how crazy it would be. This was the plan:

9:30am: Leave for Richmond.
10:40: Pick up Darin from Richmond Airport (he had a conference in Chicago).
12:00pm: Arrive in Charlottsville and hang out with the Hunters until the game started.
3:30-7:15ish: Football game.
10pm: Arrive home

That really wouldn't have been too bad right?

 I get a call from Darin Saturday morning telling me that there was a change in plans. His flight from Chicago was delayed an hour because the crew needed more sleep...(thank you for being safe flying crew, but an hour? Does it really make that much of a difference?)...so leaving an hour late would mean he'd miss his flight to Richmond. Awesome. He was able to have them reroute his flight through Charlotsville but the flight didn't arrive until 2:40pm. 

Really I'm thankful that it was 2:40 and not any later. How terrible would it have been if he had to catch a flight that would have made him miss the game? Pretty terrible.

Also thankful that I was still able to hangout with the Hunters, that we found parking quickly and made it to the game just as the first quarter was starting. Phew.

Then there was the lightning delay. Let's just say that emptying a stadium full of tens of thousands of fans = not fun. Total disorganized crazy mess. When we finally  got out, we made our way to a building where we waited...and waited...and tried to get Shae to sleep...and waited some more.

After about two hours we finally got back to the stadium, watched the second quarter and then during the half of half-time, it began to pour. We took cover and decided that we'd better just take a picture out by the concessions or we may never get one. The boys finally just went back in to watch the game but I didn't want the babe to get all wet as it was also cooling off so quickly. 

Once the rain passed we went in and finished the game. This is the face of a baby who has been forced to be awake for far far too long (talk about overstimulation). 
And after all that, the game ended awfully. We pulled into our parking spot a little after midnight, exhausted and wet from crazy humidity when the game started to raining downpour during the game.

Although there was a depressing game changing interception right at the end (and after everything else that happened), I have to say that it was really really cool to be there. It felt like home watching the Cougars play again. Standing up to sing the fight song with all the other BYU fans was hands down my favorite part. We sure do love our Alma Mater.

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