Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthday and Baby

Oh, you didn't hear? We're having a baby! A boy baby! We're pretty excited in case you couldn't tell.  I've been avoiding saying anything on the blog because I knew once I started that there would be no stopping. Hopefully you don't get bored with all my preggo posts. I have a feeling there will be many to come.

Since Darin's 26th birthday and our ultrasound were only a day apart it just made sense to put the two together in a full-blown celebration of birth (so I guess we weren't really celebrating our babies birth, more like celebrating his boy parts, but any excuse to have yummy food and friend time is a good enough excuse to me).

Darin's birthday was on Saturday so for our Friday night date we decided to do something fun for our families and made this:

Darin didn't believe me when I told him you can find a photo booth in a bowling alley. Sure enough, I was correct. It might have been the tiniest little photo booth I have ever seen in my entire life, but it worked (next time we'll make sure not to blow up the balloon so big).  

We took a quick break from thinking about baby boy and went and watched the new Spider Man at the dollar theater. To anyone debating whether or not to see it, see it. It was worth it. After the movie we went home and whipped up some frosting and started filling cupcakes for Darin's party. We filled them all with blue frosting but topped them with both blue and pink so that everyone would have to bite into them to know if "it" would be a boy or girl. I've never filled cupcakes before but it was surprisingly easy and I think that cupcakes are a lot better this way. There's just never enough frosting when it's only on top. I'm seeing many filled cupcakes in my future.

Saturday (Darin's birfday!) started out with me working and him playing back to back intramural games for his kickball and soccer team (so proud of him for scoring a goal to help the team win!). The afternoon was spent in the company of friends and family at Tucanos Brazilian Grill (love their free meal birthday cards! Sign up if you haven't already!)

Darin got to participate in the birthday song and while they were singing, Cohen's face was to die for. The best part was that he made this face every time they started singing to someone, which seemed to happen quite often.

After eating we went to our apartment where we met up with Lance, Sunshine and Jason for some food and games. Lil Kaitlin had a concert and Skylar had to work, but we were lucky enough to have little man Rackham spend the evening with us which was so fun. Our little boy has a lot to live up to with this sweetheart around. He is the best baby (toddler?) ever! And SO freaking adorable!

Birthday boy feeling a little uncomfortable with all eyes on him while we sing:

Everyone took a cupcake in the color of their choice to show their guess of whether little Self was a boy or girl. Looks like everyone was pretty in tune with our child since they all picked blue (well, except for my husband.  And Jason who had already bitten into his cupcake by this point).

And they were right! Little Self is a boy!

We are both very excited and feel very blessed that we will be parents to this little baby boy (currently the size of a "pop can". That's a soda can for anyone who didn't know. Don't worry, I was confused too. It took me a minute to realize that the ultrasound tech was talking about a soda can and not some medical term unfamiliar to me). 

We also feel so grateful for our wonderful friends and family; for your love and excitement for us as we start a new chapter of our Self family life together.

Thank you.


  1. Gah. So cute :) I'm so excited for you guys!

  2. I love the photo booth idea, way cute! Congratulations and Happy Belated Birthday Darin.

  3. Caught a glimpse of your baby belly in one of the pictures! So excited!

  4. I love the photo booth pics! So cute!