Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break

We may not get a spring break here at BYU but we made sure to take advantage of seeing all our friends and family who ARE lucky enough to get a spring break. 

We started out up in Heber two weeks ago where we got to visit with our good friends Anne and Micheal who drove out from Iowa. Anne and I met our freshman year living in DT and then we roomed together with Kaitlin, Kaitlyn, Molly and Courtney our sophomore year and we've been friends ever since. I always felt like Anne and I had a bit of an east coast connection since her family lived in Virginia when I met her. It was SO nice to catch up and meet her sweet baby girl. Why can't we live closer!?

 photo DSC01238_zpsa59c68e0.jpg

Next, we took a little trip up to Layton to visit with my good friend Bridget and meet her husband and baby girl. They drove up from NM for a few days. Bridget was my BFF in middle/high school. I looked up to her so much and wanted to be just like her. When I moved out to UT, I didn't know anyone, except for Bridget. She was so sweet and invited me to hang out with her and her friends and would always offer to help me with anything. It's been too long since I've seen her so I had to take advantage of her being so close to visit.

 photo DSC01245_zps7d249a41.jpg

After Layton, we took advantage of being up North and stopped by Amelia's and then went to Darin's good friend Lances place. It's been awhile since we've seen Lance and his wife Sara so it was fun to catch up with them as well and show off our bebe. 

Finally, last weekend Darin's brother was in town with his family as well as Darin's mom. Shae got to meet his little cousins for the first time! (And his Aunt Linzy and Uncle Derek). I only had one cousin growing up and he lived across the country in CA so I never really knew what it was like to have cousins, which makes me all the more excited for Shae to get to know his cousins.

 photo DSC_0394_zpsf586ca5b.jpg
Claire meets Shae
 photo DSC_0400-001_zps2e955260.jpg
Kyler meets Shae
 photo DSC_0411-001_zpsf6576d8f.jpg
Grandma with her grandbabies
Thursday night we went to the volleyball game and watched Grandma Sharon drool over Taylor Sander. He's a beast. It was Shae's first sporting event and he did great! Ra ra raing right away.

 photo Untitled3_zpsb3adb305.png  photo DSC01280_zps95b9a10e.jpg  photo DSC01282_zps7c90d7da.jpg  photo DSC01284_zps572fd6f9.jpg

Friday night, Grandma stayed with us and let me and Darin go out on a little date to the BYU baseball game together. Then Saturday we took advantage of the beautiful weather and had a little picnic up in the canyon.

 photo DSC_0433-001_zps33680e4c.jpg
Kyler: "This glove is too big for me."
 photo DSC_0434-001_zps65c85990.jpg
Shae's first sunny day outside experience. I didn't even think to bring him a hat or sunscreen. Thank goodness Amelia had some sunscreen. I'm new at this okay.
 photo DSC_0460-001_zps1ebd57b4.jpg

Sunday we went up to Amelia's in SLC. We went to church and had Easter lunch/dinner there. I somehow didn't take any Easter pictures. I blame being tired from not getting a good nights sleep the night before. 

So overall, our lack of a spring break was still pretty exciting. We sure do love our friends and family!

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