Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Best Weekend of the Year

Well, one of the best. There are really two weekends that are pretty freaking amazing. The first weekend of April and the first weekend of October. They're so great because we get to listen to General Conference! Two full days of inspirational messages from the prophet, the twelve apostles and other church leaders. I especially loved this talk about marriage. 

The weekend was extra great because we were able to run away from home for a few days. (We were only about 40 minutes away, up in Heber, but it still felt like a vacation to me). We went up on Friday for my mission reunion (after about an hour of wandering the mountains of Midway, we finally found it). After the reunion we hopped one little town over to Heber where our dearest sweetest loveliest friends the Nystuls live. We only meant to spend the night on Friday, but Friday turned into Saturday and we just weren't ready to leave yet, so we stayed. They spoiled us with good food, great conversation, X-box games (for Darin. Clearly) and even watched the boy for us so we could try and sneak in a little nap. Like I said: vacation. It was glorious, and well needed. We've been cooped up in our house so much lately with a new baby, it was nice to get out and visit with good friends.

 photo DSC01327_zps2c7c6f2a.jpg
 photo DSC01325_zps7adba6d8.jpg
Watching conference with daddy.
 photo DSC01335_zps9b6f7a90.jpg
Playing games with daddy.
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I know that Thomas S. Monson is the prophet that has been called to lead Christ's church. He is not the prophet for Mormons only, rather the entire world. I know that he receives guidance and direction from the Lord in order to help us find more purpose and understanding for our lives. We all have goals and desires, we all have things that we cherish, we all have questions. Following the prophet helps me with each one of these things, as well as, and perhaps most importantly, feeling peace and contentment with my life and the direction I am going. 

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