Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Birthday Sunday

Dad arrived on Saturday after a long day in four different airports. We were so excited to see him, especially Shae. He got to meet Grandpa K for the first time.

Waiting at the airport.

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We made our way back up to SLC on Sunday morning to celebrate Dad's birthday. We started the morning by going to Music & the Spoken Word. Amazing. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is always amazing but it was even more amazing to hear them in person in the Tabernacle. 
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The prophet was 10 rows in front of us (right behind the TV). It was pretty cool to be so close.
 photo DSC01379_zpse0e55199.jpg

After Music & the Spoken Word we went to church and then to Amelia's to enjoy Dad's birthday lunch and cheesecake.
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After which, we made our way back to temple square to do a tour of the Conference Center and walk around the temple and enjoy the beautiful weather.
 photo DSC01387_zpsfd947eff.jpg

This room had paintings of all of the modern-day apostles that have passed away.
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The boys looking down at the waterfall from the roof of the conference center.
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 photo DSC01404_zps6eb3e23b.jpg

"Is that my phone vibrating in my pocket?"
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"Why yes, yes it is." (It was the family calling to wish him a happy birthday. Precious).
 photo DSC01406_zps1536c097.jpg

Once the boss got fussy we decided it was time to be on our way.
 photo DSC01409_zps0625de52.jpg

We are so blessed to live so close to Salt Lake City, a place with so much church history. It was fun to spend the day up there and even more fun to be with my dad on his special day.

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