Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Leadoff Homerun

I've been home from my mission for exactly three years today. THREE years. That seems like such a long time. That IS a long time. It just feels like a dream of the past. I miss that feeling from when I first got home, when the mission was still so present. When my dreams were filled with my friends from Argentina and I ate cucumbers and tomatoes covered in lemon. Back when I thrived for opportunities to speak with anyone in Spanish. Back when I wasn't embarrassed to speak it. Back when it felt so comfortable. Man oh man have things changed. Not everything. I may have forgotten a good chunk of my Spanish vocabulary. I may have an even more oober gringa accent than I did previously. I may have started using salad dressing on my salads again instead of lemons. I may have stopped running up to any person that looked the slightest bit Hispanic to talk to them. But some things haven't changed. Some things have only gotten better. I learned things on my mission that have affected who I am, every single day of my life. Things that have made me the wife I am and the mother that I strive to be. Things that taught me how to love, to be a friend, to work hard. Things that strengthened my understanding of life, my purpose, my family, my agency, my Savior. I love my mission. I love remembering all of the lessons that I learned. I love remembering all of the INCREDIBLE people that helped me learn those lessons. They have impacted my life eternally.

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In other news, we went to the BYU baseball game last night. Besides being slightly cold, it was fun. Gotta love that feeling that a baseball stadium emits. It's something special. Especially when the first pitch to a player from your team gets hit out of the park. Pure bliss.

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