Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shiny Bandaids

The Mister received his first dose of immunizations today. Three shots and one taken orally. The nurse was pretty surprised when he got so excited to suck down the first vaccine. He went to town. "Wow, he didn't even spit any of it up," she said. Of course he didn't. He doesn't waste anything. It all stays inside, never comes back out. That's our boy for you. The kid gets excited about anything going in his mouth. The Tylenol we gave him afterwards was a welcome treat. He slurped it right up, clearly mouthing that he wanted more after the last drop had been swallowed. I considered it his "good boy sucker" for handling the shots like a champ. 

And he was a champ. It was slightly entertaining to watch his face as she poked him (I know, I'm a terrible mom). He was totally calm, she poked him and then he got this confused look on his face and after finally processing what had just happened a few seconds before, he let it out. Poor kid. But he didn't cry as long as I expected him to and was totally calm a few seconds later. 

Seriously, he was a champ.

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