Monday, April 30, 2012

Softball Friday

It was a softball kind of Friday for the Self household.

We started off  by going to the batting cages.



Then we made our way over to the BYU softball game where somebody didn't want to smile due to a never-ending mouthful of sunflower seeds.

The game was good. Our afternoon/evening together was great. Brought me back to my softball days...made me miss it... but at least I can still enjoy it from the stands. They also shot off fireworks after the game to our favorite song by Katy Perry. Fun :).

And guess who we just happened to run into at the game?! What a fun surprise. The best part was seeing Reese clap every time the other team did something good. The cougar blood apparently hasn't sunk in all the way yet. She'll learn.
Andrew and Molly were there with all the people that Andrew works with. It was so funny to look down at their seats after they left. They left their mark.

I had 3 "want-but-don't-have-to-have-but-really-really-really-want" qualifications for my future husband (aside from my MUST HAVE list):
1. Speak Spanish
2. Be a year older than me
3. Like baseball/softball

I love that my husband has fulfilled each one these, but especially that last one (wellll...and the first one too). It's fun to share our love for baseball. Rootin' for a good year for the O's and the Braves. Let's go boys!


  1. What a GRRRREAT day you all had! Sounds delightful! Brillante, one of these days your ward will have a women's softball team and you'll get to star on that team! Don't give up hope! Did BYU win?

  2. I love the pictures in this post. You two are perfect for each other!

  3. I agree with Tammie, you guys look super cute in these photos!