Friday, April 27, 2012

Poky Trip

Our Poky get-away last weekend was a very well needed get-away after a rough semester. The weekend wasn't really all that exciting, which is exactly what we needed. After stopping in Draper to help Amelia with some bookshelves we were treated to an amazing dinner at Texas Roadhouse (Thanks Amelia!), and when I say amazing, I mean AMAZING. That year and a half down in Argentina really turned me into a steak lover. It was really good.

We got up to Poky late Thursday night and slept the day away on Friday. Woke up somewhere in the middle of the day and then went back to bed. It was glorious, and well needed. That evening we were treated to another  great dinner at Five Guys (which has quickly become my favorite burger joint, and I'm not a big burger person, but their burgers are REALLY good) (Thanks Mom!).

Saturday was spent running errands, doing housework and playing a little softball out in the warm weather.

Fixing the sprinkler system


Wackin' the weeds

It was a nice, relaxing trip. The hardest part is always coming home, especially in a car with no air conditioning when the April weather decides to go record breaking on us and hit 88 degrees. It was NOT a comfortable ride home. We stopped to get frosty's half way through as we were melting pretty steadily. Not realizing how hard it was to suck up a frosty I ended up having to balance the straw on top of the frosty as it melted as to not completely destroy my sucking powers. It took talent.

Needless to say, we think we're gonna go ahead and break down and get air conditioning this summer. Two summers seems long enough to go without. I'm not the same anti-air conditioning girl that I used to be (after sweating it up day in and day out in good ol' ArHentina).

Now it's the weekend again, yay! Hope you have a good one!

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