Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Papi!!

If it weren't for the birth of my dear old father, then this never would have happened, and I wouldn't be writing this post:

So glad he was born.
Dad's model pose. 

Happy Birthday!
Joyeux anniversaire!
Buon Compleanno!
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

(Really hoping Google Translate came through for me on this one)

Dad Fun Facts:
Dad can put a knife straight through his pinky finger, dislocate his shoulder (3 times)(and have screws put back in to hold it together), smash his car into a bear and a few deer... and live to tell the tale (AKA: my dad is invincible!)
Thank you water slide for one dislocation.
Dad can do headstands. Anywhere. Anytime.

Dad makes up almost every meal he makes, right on the spot. For example: Leftover Casserole (featuring meatloaf, ramen noodles, broccoli, and who knows what else). And let me just tell you, they are usually all REALLY good. 

Dad looks pretty dang good in a uniform.

The hardest I've ever seen my dad laugh is while watching The 3 Stooges, Abbot and Costello and Psych.

Dad is a gamer.
Look at that focus!
Growing up, Dad was always the first one running out to play in the snow. He built big snow forts every year for as long as I can remember. 

Dad can eat and eat and eat and eat and eat until he dies.

Dad never stops enjoying the holiday's the way they should be enjoyed. 

Dad is AMAZING at the Mario/Luigi battle on Super Nintendo.

Dad did a pretty fine-good-amazing-fabulous job at picking out the right woman to marry (they're a pretty good match, if you ask me).

I think I speak for all of my siblings in this last FUN FACT: Dad is an AWESOME Dad

My dad has always been a hard worker and an amazing example to me and my siblings (in more ways than I think he will ever know). He's one of those dad's that comes home from a long days work and doesn't stop working. He loves my mom. He loves us. He loves to serve everyone that he can and does it naturally, out of love, never looking for anything in return. He loves the Lord. He is the most humble person that I have ever met. I LOVE my dad.

Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Thanks for the memories kiddo!!

    I love you!!


  2. Aw, I really liked this post. You have a great dad--heck, great parents! Reading this post makes me excited for how Reese will love/adore Andrew someday, if that makes sense. It's just so sweet, and cute, and I love it:)