Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Years!!

I can't believe that I have been home from my mission for two years. Time really does fly by when you're having fun...or falling in love and getting married... same thing.

Two years ago today I was getting off of a plane on a bright spring Baltimore morning after a long couple days of traveling. I can still hear the flight attendant say "Welcome to the United States of America." It felt like home. I won't lie, I was a little disappointed to see that my two youngest siblings chose the Road Show practice over being at the airport to welcome me home. I felt slightly betrayed, but they have been forgiven.  Thankfully my mother and father and Philip cared enough about me to be at the airport.

The weirdest things for me about being home were (besides the norm of clothes/companion/tv/etc):
  • Being able to turn on the shower and choose the temperature
  • Seeing all of the big houses
  • No stray dogs running around (which made things very quiet)
  • Not eating bread at every meal
  • No lemon in the salads
  • No beso! Shaking girl's hands still feels so wrong...
  • English
My favorite thing:
  • Being able to drive!!!! I really enjoy driving... 
The hardest thing:
  • Missing the people

Last picture with Presidente Del Castillo and his wife
 Coming home was bittersweet, but it was right. It was time to get on with my life. But I am so so so thankful for the opportunity I had to be a missionary. It has had a bigger impact on my life than anything else has or ever will.

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