Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's Going On

I'm feeling like an update as to what is/has been going on in the lives of Darin and I as of late is in order.

Let's start with the most important please:

1.) I basically got called FAT, to my face, 3 time at church on Sunday.  One Sister right before sacrament meeting: "Hermana, Are you...??" then touches her stomach and gives me "the eye." You all know what I'm talking about, the "are you pregnant?" eye. Then again in the last meeting where we are separated with all the women, another Sister: "Hermana, I'm going to apologize before asking this but...", she didn't get any farther than that, I saw "the eye" coming and cut her off. "Am I pregnant? hahahaha...Oh no, just eating a lot of Easter candy." -- whimsical giggle giggle giggle (didn't want to make her feel bad). The awkward part was seeing her whisper to other women throughout the meeting, while not-so-secretly pointing at me, I could just hear her: "Don't ask Sister Self if she's pregnant, she's just putting on some weight." The third person wasn't so much to my face but was actually one of the men who asked Darin "the question" and Darin was kind enough to tell me about it after hearing me rant about the other 2. So sweet.

 Moral of this story: I'm not preggers, sorry folks. Just full of little Cadbury Eggs.

2.) Yesterday was the last day of class. HALLELUJAH! It's been a busy, hard semester with little time spent with my sweetheart. So what did we do to celebrate? We went to the grocery store to buy vegetables so that I could make a never-ending salad (i was motivated to prove to people that I'm not pregnant, and preferably not fat either). What did we end up buying? Well of course we bought vegetables but I couldn't resist when I saw a cart full of these babies half off:
I know what you're all thinking, 3 people call you fat and you go buy MORE Easter candy? I know, I know. You'd think it would be the motivation that I would need. Well, it was..for a day... I thought we would be safe going to the grocery store 3 days after Easter. The candy should have all been gone by then. It wasn't my fault that it was still there and was so cheap. It's really YOUR fault. Why didn't you go buy up all the candy before I could? Don't worry, the Cadbury Eggs aren't even open, they've been stashed away in a cupboard for an "emergency." 

3.) Mu husband makes a mean asparagus. I'm addicted. YUM.

4. I got a new assignment at church. I was asked to help with the interpretation of the talks during the 1st hour meeting and during the 3rd hour meeting when the women are all together (Relief Society). Remember that one time I volunteered to interpret? Well, apparently they took that as the sign to give me this assignment. I'm okay with it. Pretty excited actually. Tiny bit nervous, but more excited. It'll be good practice for me.

5.) I got an ESL internship!! For any of you who didn't know, my minor is TESOL, basically ESL, which is   literally teaching English as a second language (don't worry, I struggle with acronyms as well). I've been pretty stressed the last few weeks because I kept feeling like I should try and start my internship this summer rather than wait till my last semester next year to do it. I applied to a bunch and got some interview requests but nothing seemed to feel right until I found out that working in the ESL area at the MTC (here we go with the acronyms again... the MTC is the training center that the missionaries go to for a few weeks) would count as my internship. So I jumped on that. I LOVE working at the MTC and what better place to start getting some practice teaching English. Everything fell into place so easily and I will be moving from the Spanish area to the ESL area in a week. I'm super excited and really sad at the same time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Spanish, it's so close to my heart. But I'm going to school to teach English, not Spanish, so this is really a huge blessing. PLUS, my boss in the Spanish area said I can still work over there part-time as a Spanish tutor, so I'll still get to work with the Spanish missionaries at least for the summer :). Seriously, what a blessing. God answers prayers. 

6.) Darin had an interview today with Church World Services out in Washington D.C. He's not sure if he is exactly what they are looking for or if they are exactly what he is looking for, we'll see what happens. We're still keeping our fingers crossed that some of the other internships that he applied to will get in contact with him. 

7.) I have to go school spring term. BOOOOOOO. I was planning on taking this class in the fall but it is offered at the exact time as my translation class, so I have to take it during Spring term. So no matter what happens with Darin and his internships, I will for sure be here till the end of June. 

8.) LES MISERABLES is going to be playing in Cedar City this summer!!!  Here's the LINK. Just a reminder, my birthday is August 18th and Darin's is September 22nd. Donations are currently being accepted.

Well, that's us as of late. Just trying to hold out for more week with final exams and final projects and papers before we crash least a day... Unfortunately we still have a lot of uncertainty floating around with Darin's plans. Hopefully we'll get all that figured out soon :).

Thanks to our family and friends for all of your prayers and support. We love you!!!

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  1. I love your 'donations are currently being accepted' comment. Also, I love the fact that you have stashed Easter candy for an 'emergency.' That's just like me! Having emergency chocolate!