Friday, May 4, 2012

Extra Innings

For all the non-baseball lovers reading this, why are we friends? I apologize for 2 straight baseball related posts in a row. You might just want to get used to it or stop reading because a little birdie tells me that there will be a lot of baseball talk in the future.

Tonight was another weekend baseball night for us. The Braves are playing in Colorado this weekend. We had originally hoped to take advantage of them being so close and drive out to Denver for the weekend (and visit my grandparents). However, with spring term just starting and the new job, things didn't work out in our favor. Luckily, out here in Provo we get the Colorado Rockies station so we'll be able to watch the games from the comfort of our home.

Of course I couldn't resist pulling up the Orioles game on the laptop and watching the play-by-play (closest thing to watching it without spending money or doing something illegal). The O's won in 13. Yay!!! Now the Braves are in extra innings... keeping our fingers crossed...and our arms doing the tomahawk chop...

 I tend to get really worked up at times when we stay inside for long periods of time and have to get out, but not tonight. Tonight I am completely enjoying my lazy baseball Friday with my Darin.

Happy Weekend!!

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    lots of pop ups, and you have to download some kind of torrent something or other to watch mlb games, but its worth it, even if the quality isn't super great. or even that good, sometimes. but whatever. also, that program you have to download (it prompts you) only works on pc's, but from your pic it looks like you have a pc. you can't watch the games from a mac. but you don't need the program to watch other sports, so Darin can get his fill of EPL.