Sunday, May 13, 2012

Love My Mama!

I have a pretty stellar mama. This last picture brought me back to tons of mission memories that pretty much sum up how wonderful my mother is. The picture was taken the day she dropped me off at the MTC (what an emotional day!). My mom flew out from Pennsylvania to be with me that special day and then after dropping me off, she drove my car home to PA, all by herself. On my mission, my mom was the one person who I got an E-mail from EVERY week. I could always count on my weekly mom update sent with all her love and encouragement. On top of that I would usually get a handwritten letter and mini-packages of goodness just about every other week. While I was gone, there was an issue with deferring my student loan and in hopes of not stressing her poor already stressed out missionary more, she didn't tell me, and just started paying the monthly payments for me. I don't doubt that she prayed for me often while I was on my mission just as I'm sure she has her whole life. Her support meant the world to me and I couldn't have done it without her. I get emotional just thinking back to the mission and how much those weekly emails meant to me.

We've had our ups-and-downs just like any mother-daughter, but as time goes on I realize more and more how much sacrifice, patience, love and humility goes in to the role of mother (no doubt I will understand it even more when I am a mother!). Up until being married, my mom has always been my go-to person. While at college I never hesitated to call my mom when I needed support, sometimes even in the middle of the night (sorry mom!). She wouldn't complain, rather listened and gave me the love and support that I was looking for, and even though my go-to person has now turned into my husband, I know that she is and always will be there to answer my call.

I love my mother with all of my heart and am so thankful for everything that she has sacrificed for me and my siblings. I hope that I can be as good of a mother to my children as she has been to me.

I love you mom!!

Happy Mothers Day!!


  1. You do have a pretty awesome mom. But she also has a pretty awesome daughter so I think you are both lucky to have each other :)

  2. This is awesome. Thank you.