Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Smooth as a Baby's Bottom

*****This post is rated PG due to explicit shoulder exposure and angry facial expressions.

The highlight of our Monday evening was the farewell of our dear friend Mr. Beard. Mr. Beard has been with us since the end of finals week. It's been fun having him around. He helps Darin look and feel more like the sexy, twenty-five year old MAN that he is. He adds to Darin's already strong confidence level. Mr. Beard keeps my husband warm in the cold, he covers up those nasty little zits that we all tend to get, and he also magically makes it possible for my husband to have more time at night and in the morning. I like Mr. Beard. Mr. Beard adds greatly to the attractiveness of my Darin AND when I'm lucky, I get to take the pluckers to Mr. Beard (sorry Mr. Beard!) and pull out all of the random thick black hairs that don't belong (talk about entertainment!!).

Unfortunately, the time came (we knew it would) when we would have to say goodbye to our dear friend. Recently Mr. Beard began to irritate and made sleeping uncomfortable for Darin's face. BYU also helped make the decision easy to pick up the razor (BYU doen't like Mr. Beard).

Farewell friend, we wish you happy travels through the pipes and hope you enjoy your new home as much as you did your last.

Mr. Beard at his finest

The first few strokes

The focus on this man. Incredible!!

Whippin' out the big guns! I've never seen Darin do this before, because he never does! He usually settles with the little scruff that is left after using the electric razor. Not today folks! He went clean.

And now, Darin's face is as smooth as a baby's bum bum. No joke. His face is smoother than my legs have ever been, smoother than MY face, smoother than YOUR husbands face, smoother than YOUR face!!...SSMMMOOTTTHHH.
Yes, I do think Darin is pretty dang sexy with Mr. Beard present, but a new sexy has made its way into my life. One that I have never experienced before. Sorry Mr. Beard, but I think I've found a new Mr. to share my days with.

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  1. Lol I prefer Rob with a little scruff too but he hates it. Sad times, bye mister beard!