Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

New Years Eve was spent in Heber with our dear friends, the Nystul family..  We had a slumber party! I know right? An adult slumber party?!  OOOHHHH'd better believe it.

I LOVE the Nystuls, with a little favoritism toward my girl Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn was my very first friend here at BYU. Yup, the VERY first. I'll never forget the day we became friends, it was instant. We were walking... somewhere (okay, so I don't remember ALL the details)... it was freshman orientation, we were holding brown paper bag lunches and we were walking next to each other. I don't remember how we started talking, but the important thing is that we did. We began talking about our love for baseball and the rest is history.

We've obviously never been around each other for the BIG holiday's since she always goes to Cali and I go to Pennsylvania, but we both ended up being in Utah for New Years so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to party.

As we've gotten older we've become much less "party animal", so unfortunately the "party" didn't consist of any crazy dance parties in spandex and sports bras, nor was there any desire to put on workout clothes and make a comedic Richard Simmons work-out video to Lion King music, and we especially didn't feel like doing something really WILD like roll down a big hill at top speed racing each other.

So although we might be becoming slightly pathetic pre-grown-ups, we still had some fun. Started out with some good ol' Sequence (one of Darin and my new favorite games):



Team Nystul

Although Kaitlyn struggled remembering when it was her turn, they did well. I was impressed. But there was just no beating the SELF MACHINE (insert deep terminator voice).

The winning board
When we realized it was 4 minutes till midnight we had to stop the insanity and get ready for the New Year.

Kaitlyn quickly broke out the bubbly....
 Then we started the countdown...

And then we all screamed HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! And enjoyed our New Years kisses (some more than others).

We finished off the night outside watching people light up their fireworks and bang pans around while we exploded some poppers. Pay special attention to Kaitlyn's faces in these pictures Maybe even add some screaming effects on your own to make it that much more entertaining.

After the poppers all ran out (and Kaitlyn lost her voice) we went back inside and watched a couple of the performances that were going on and then everyone started talking about how tired they were (I told you we are pathetic), soooo, we went to bed.

All in all, it was a fun night. Good food, good company, good memories, good kisses.  Darin and I had an AMAZING 2011 and we don't doubt that 2012 will be just as good. 

So here's to a Happy New Year!! May all of your resolutions be fulfilled :).


  1. Omgsh I love this post!! Except now I don't want to post my pics because your post will most definitely be way funnier than mine. And I definitely read this whole thing in your voice which made it that much funnier.

  2. Please note---they WERE drinking Martinelli's! As Kaitlyn's Mom, I feel I just had to make sure everyone knows that! Darling post! Once you're a married couple life takes on a whole new pace, huh?!

  3. Jane, thanks for clearing that up. We could have had a lot of confused people out there. I probably should have made that clear, but that's what mom's are for :).

  4. Hey sounds like a rockin New Year's Eve to me. Sounds like you guys lived it up in all the real fun ways newly married kind of ways. Trust me when I say it gets more lame once you have kids.