Sunday, January 22, 2012

Edgar the Snowman

Is it just me or has the weather been REALLY weird this year? It snows until July and then doesn't snow until the end of January. I've never experienced not having snow so late into the year in Utah. Usually come October its time to pull the snow shovels and boots out. Not this year. It has felt like April for the last few weeks, I mean, it rained a few days ago. Rain? In January? Maybe the Mayans are right, it is the end of the world.

I have a theory that the seasons are shifting. It is so obviously occurring. Wouldn't you agree? Soon we will be living like they do in South America, on the beach having barbecues for Christmas and piling on the blankets come July. Just wait. It will happen. I promise.

On that note... Provo had it's first "real" snow this weekend. The only reason I say "real" (it really wasn't a lot of snow and is all melting now) is because we were finally able to make a snowman. It's not a "real" snow until you can build a snowman, and this snow was PERFECT snowman building snow. We couldn't pass it up. So as soon as I got home from work Saturday night, we got rolling. (And as you will see, we pretty much used up all of the snow in the yard and our poor man was covered in leaves, but it was fun).

Edgar: made of: snow, celery, applejacks, chocolate chips, broccoli, sticks and leaves.

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  1. Those pictures are awesome and that is one rockin snowman! I've been so grateful her in Maryland for the warmer weather since I have to walk the baby around a lot but I'll admit making a snowman or sledding is something I greatly miss.