Thursday, January 19, 2012

3 Day Weekend

January is the worst time for a three day weekend. School has JUST started, thus you're not yet at the "I need a break!" point, nor do you have money to take full advantage of the weekend and go somewhere "cool" because tuition/books have just cleared the bank. I'm not saying we shouldn't get the day off. I'm all about no school days. I'm just saying that it's not the best time. March would work much better for me. With that said, we didn't do any crazy road trip to Vegas or go skiing in the mountains or anything of that nature. We stayed home, and sometimes, staying home is like paradise :).

Highlights from our weekend:

  • Nothing like starting out our weekend with a container of raspberry cheesecake ice cream while watching a little late night Psych courtesy of Hulu

  • We watched the second half of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (we watched the first half on TV a few weeks ago but couldn't stay awake for the whole thing...). SUCH a good movie! I loved it and I also LOVE the fact that I found the DVD section in the library. Wishing I had found that sooner.

  • A little 49er's playoff game. This was BIG  (as Darin told me MANY times). "The 49er's haven't been in a playoff game since 2002!"  BIG I tell you. BIG. Sounds like it was an intense game (I had to go to work before it was over). The best part about all of this was the fact that I had slept in the 49er's jersey and when I went to get ready for work and took it off, my dear sweet superstitious husband freaked. haha. It was classic. I told him to put it on and he did, but not without grumbling under his breathe that this had better not ruin the game. haha. It didn't.
  • Sunday night visit with the gang. Chocolate Chip Pie. Minute to Win It. Need I say more?

  • Wouldn't be a three day weekend without some play time with my 2 favorite babies. I love these little guys. They fall more in love with each other every time we get together (and I fall more in love with them also!). The romantic baby vibe is so strong.
  • We even shared a lovely phone call with Anne which was a nice surprise since she and Micheal are a long distance part of "the gang". We all wish they still lived out here :(.

  • Late night girl talk while sitting Indian-style in the middle of the bed snacking on bowls of cereal with who better than my sugar sugar Darin. He's gotten really good at the whole "girl talk" thing.
  • Damn Yankees. The movie. I've always wanted to watch it. I saw the play once and really liked it. The movie was good too, interesting to say the least. My favorite scene was hands-down the famous, "What Lola Wants Lola Gets" song. Wow. Best seduction dance EVER. If you haven't seen it,  WATCH IT. Please. Pretty pretty pretty please, it's AWESOME, and totally PG.
And last but NOT least:
  • Monday morning. Darin wanted to go running. I wanted to sleep. But Darin wanted to run. After pushing me around and bouncing the bed for a few minutes, I wouldn't budge. You'll never guess what he did next. He pulled all the blankets off of me, flipped the lights on, and as if that wasn't enough (here I am curled up in my underwear in the middle of the bed with no blankets), he pulled the fan on me!! That's right, he grabbed the fan and held it up to my body until I got out of bed. Can you say MEAN. I can. MEAN. Let's just say, it wasn't the most pleasant run we've ever had. His time will come, just you wait.
Fun, relaxing weekend. My favorite kind.

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